Testing Services

Material flow properties testing

Testing to determine the characteristics of bulk materials is a key element in equipment design or selection. Unfortunately, there is no way to predict exactly how any one bulk solid will behave based on experience alone. Even research and development, process calculations and pilot plant studies may not prevent material handling problems. The only effective way to predict and avoid processing problems is to test a material’s flow properties and, based on the data, design or recommend equipment to prevent or solve material flow problems and improve process operations. Accurate testing means duplicating temperature, storage time, chemical reactions and solids contact pressures, while taking into consideration a process or storage vessel’s construction materials.

We use the Johanson Indicizer® System for flow properties characterization and have tested thousands of different pharmaceuticals, food products and ingredients, ores, coals, wood products, biomass, chemicals and other materials.

Diamondback Technology’s lab technicians can duplicate conditions from sub-freezing to 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit, moisture content from dry to submerged in liquid, moisture pickup during conveying, and compaction pressures from a few psf to 30,000 psi.

Our engineers interpret the test results in a written report and provide handling and any applicable conceptual equipment designs for correcting or eliminating flow or processing problems. Test results are completely confidential.

Material properties testing will identify

  • Arching and ratholing tendencies
  • Segregation mechanisms
  • Degradation potential
  • Limiting flow rates
  • Adhesion and cohesion characteristics
  • Compressibility and permeability
  • Abrasive qualities

Applying test data can help

  • Eliminate hangups
  • Minimize process downtime
  • Improve flow rates
  • Increase product quality
  • Reduce product loss
  • Prevent maintenance problems
  • Determine the best equipment for a material and process