Diamondback Hopper

The Diamondback Hopper uses patented one-dimensional convergence dynamics to ensure smooth material flow without the need for moving parts. It eliminates issues like arching, ratholing, flooding, and erratic flow, while also enhancing process flow rates.

Standard Diamondback Hoppers

These hoppers feature innovative one-dimensional convergence dynamics that prevent arching and ratholing. They often replace the need for additional equipment such as vibrators, air cannons, and expensive mass-flow screw feeders. This results in uniform mass flow without maintenance, leading to increased production rates and minimized downtime.


  • Raw material and product storage bins

  • Process feed bins

  • Anti-segregation and deaeration bins

  • Baggers, packaging equipment, feeders, blender outlets, and pneumatic conveying inlets

Key Features

  • Available in 22 standard sizes for retrofitting existing bins

  • Constructed with durable stainless steel

  • Optional air permeation system for improved flow rates

  • Optional mating flanges for compatibility with existing equipment

  • Additional custom sizes for specific applications

Modularity and Customization

Standard Arch-breaking Diamondback Hoppers can be easily integrated by welding or bolting to retrofit existing equipment within headroom constraints. For unique situations or specific material flow properties, custom configurations and auxiliary equipment can be designed to optimize process performance.

Warranty and Documentation

All Diamondback Hoppers are covered by a nine-month warranty, extendable after material flow testing. Each test report includes a conceptual sketch of the applicable Diamondback Hopper within the existing system.

Milling Industry Diamondback Hopper

Milling industry materials like corn refuse, bran flakes, and various flours pose handling challenges due to ratholing, arching, and maintenance issues.

The one-dimensional convergence Diamondback Hopper addresses these problems. It replaces vibrating hoppers and adapts to existing bins, enabling rapid truck loading with minimal dust. An optional DBT feeder adapter allows direct loading onto conveyors, and an air permeation unit (APU) boosts load-out rates.

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Retrofit Applications

  • Existing Conical Bins With Vibrating Hoppers

  • Conical, Square, or Rectangular Stationary Hoppers

  • Truck Load-Out Bins

  • Transfer Bins

  • New Construction

Key Features

  • Stainless steel construction, corrosion, and wear-resistant

  • Optional epoxy-coated carbon steel construction

  • The standard 24-inch outlet for truck loading

  • Optional smaller outlet sizes for versatility

  • Standard eight and 12-foot top diameter sizes

  • Customized transitions to square or rectangular bins

  • Sloping outlet chute for high-speed loading and dust containment

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Milling Hopper Case History: Cereal Producer

A Californian milling company faced challenges with stable minds ratholing and excessive dust during truck loading. To resolve this, they replaced the existing vibrated hopper with three Arch-breaking Diamondback Hoppers equipped with air permeation.

Installation involved careful coordination, including jackhammering and cleaning. Once operational, dust during loading was significantly reduced, and with the air permeation unit, trucks loaded in a fraction of the time. The success was evident in the installation of a second identical bin.

Coal Industry Diamondback Hopper

Converts four-foot diameter outlets to two-foot-diameter outlets.

Retrofit Applications

  • Multiple Outlet Power Plant Bunkers

  • Single Outlet Bunkers

  • Bottom Tunnel Reclaim Hoppers for Coal

  • Truck Dump Hoppers

  • Rail Dump Hoppers

  • Dozer-Loaded Reclaim Points

  • New Construction for Hangup-Free Operation

Key Features

  • Constructed with stainless steel for corrosion and wear resistance

  • Standard pre-engineered designs for various applications

  • Two-foot-diameter outlets as standard

  • Transitions to circular bins with a predrilled extra flange

  • Custom transitions to square or rectangular hoppers at structurally optimal positions

  • Shipped in sections for on-site bolted assembly

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Coal Hopper Case History: Public Utility Company

Faced with the U.S. Government's mandate for cleaner power generation, a Midwestern utility adopted Powder River Basin (PRB) coal from Wyoming. Despite its cleaner-burning nature, PRB coal caused issues in the utility's pyramid-shaped hoppers, necessitating a solution.

After extensive testing, the utility chose to retrofit its existing hoppers with Diamondback Hoppers. The unique racetrack configuration of the Diamondback Hopper optimizes energy conservation, achieving smoother flow compared to traditional conical hoppers.

The modular nature of Diamondback Hoppers allowed seamless retrofitting, accommodating varying shapes and headroom constraints. The result was a multiple-outlet coal bunker operating flawlessly, solving the problem at a fraction of the cost of standard hopper designs.


An important requirement in the manufacture of tablets and capsule filling is the assay of active ingredients in the lot. Typical steep conical hoppers can cause rejects due to segregation of the batch during discharge. Archbreaking Diamondback hoppers eliminate this problem by delivering the batch contents in a First-In-First-Out (FIFO) flow pattern.

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