Custom Raw Material Storage Solutions

We specialize in designing tailored raw material bins, product storage units, process feed bins, chutes, transitions, air permeation systems, and complementary accessories. These solutions are engineered to ensure seamless processing performance.

Efficient Hopper Retrofitting

Upgrade your existing hopper with an Arch-breaking Diamondback Hopper, enhanced with an air permeation flow rate unit if required. This retrofit guarantees a consistent flow of powder at controlled high rates, eliminating issues like flooding or flushing.

Low Headroom, Anti-Segregation Bin

Our innovative custom storage bins incorporate a Diamondback chisel and multiple Arch-breaking Diamondback Hoppers to create a low headroom bin that prevents segregation.

Dust Collector Optimization

Enhance your dust collector with our retrofitting services, eliminating any potential hangups.

Coal Bunker Retrofit

Transform your existing coal bunker for trouble-free, on-demand discharge, ensuring smooth operations.

A large industrial type of machine is in the warehouse.