Diamondback Technology, Inc. combines more than 5 decades of research and development with hands-on experience to solve bulk solids handling problems. We can assist companies with all of the following:

  • Agglomeration
  • Arching / Bridging
  • Bin and feeder loads
  • Blending
  • Bulk solids compaction
  • Caking
  • Degradation
  • Educating Plant Personnel
  • Equipment wear
  • Feeding bulk solids
  • Feed rate control
  • Feed stream conditioning
  • Fine powder handling
  • Flooding and flushing
  • Flow properties analysis
  • Headroom constraints
  • Limiting flow rates
  • Mixing / Demixing
  • Packaging consistency
  • Plant design and startups
  • Plant operation costs
  • Quality control
  • Ratholing
  • Retrofitting bins and hoppers
  • Roll and tablet pressing
  • Segregation
  • Solids / gas processing
  • Solids / liquid processing

Diamondback Technology’s bins, hoppers, blenders, feeders and auxiliary equipment designs are based on sound engineering principles and proven field experience. We are the exclusive source of Dr. Jerry R. Johanson’s unique problem-solving designs collectively known as Diamondback TechnologyTM.

Our company is committed to excellence. We strive to be number one in technology, service and satisfaction.

Contact us at

Diamondback Technology, Inc.
3851 McKay Drive
Langley, WA 98260
(360) 303-7763