Custom Processing Bins

When a standard Diamondback Hopper system doesn't meet the headroom, function, or process needs of a plant, our engineers can provide a conceptual retrofit design or an entirely new system unique to your plant's process requirements through Diamondback Technology processing.

A large metal pipe sitting in the middle of a building.

Tailored Processing Solutions

Our capabilities extend to the design of raw material bins, product storage units, process feed bins, chutes, transitions, air permeation systems, and various accessories, all geared toward seamless processing operations.

Optimized Powder Handling

Efficiently deaerate fine powders by employing a combination deaeration cylinder and ABD hopper.

Flow Control and Blending Precision

Maintain control over flow patterns and prevent segregation or blending issues with a cone-in-cone hopper.

Holistic Conditioning System

Craft a comprehensive system to homogenize your process feed stream, ensuring consistent quality throughout operations.