Custom Process Feed Bins

When a standard Diamondback Hopper system won't meet the headroom, function or process needs of a plant, our engineers can provide a conceptual retrofit design or an entirely new system unique to your plant's process requirements.

Our expertise encompasses the design of raw material bins, product storage units, process feed bins, chutes, transitions, air permeation systems, and additional accessories. Each solution is meticulously crafted to ensure seamless processing performance.

A metal cup with a silver lid on top of it.

Enhanced Feeder Consistency

Elevate feeder performance with the integration of a hangup-free Arch-breaking Diamondback Hopper.

Efficient Material Handling

Implement a specialized box or Gaylord dump hopper equipped with a Diamondback Hopper for seamless material discharge.

Tableting Press Precision

Ensure more consistent tablet weights by incorporating a Diamondback Hopper into the feed bin of your tableting press.

Drum Handling Expertise

Facilitate controlled material flow without hangups by utilizing a Diamondback Hopper as the intermediary when dumping from a drum.