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Providing the World With Unique Solutions to Material Handling Issues That Occur in Hoppers, Bins, and Processing Units

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Pioneers in Bulk Solids Handling Solutions

With over 45 years of dedicated research and development coupled with extensive hands-on experience, Diamondback Technology, as an engineering firm, stands at the forefront of addressing challenges in bulk material handling and processing. Our expertise enables us to preemptively identify issues in the early stages of plant development or rectify material hang-ups in existing facilities through cost-effective retrofit recommendations and process modifications.

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Problem Identification and Resolution

Diamondback Technology excels in resolving an array of bulk solids handling problems. Our comprehensive approach encompasses the following key areas:

  • Agglomeration

  • Arching / Bridging

  • Blending

  • Caking

  • Degradation

  • Equipment Wear

  • Headroom Constraints

  • Limiting Flow Rates

  • Mixing / Demixing

  • Ratholing

  • Segregation

Tailored Solutions

We offer a diverse range of professional engineering services and solutions meticulously crafted to address specific challenges in bulk solids handling.

  • Bin and Feeder Loads

  • Bulk Solids Compaction

  • Educating Plant Personnel

  • Feed Rate Control

  • Feed Stream Conditioning

  • Fine Powder Handling

  • Flooding and Flushing

  • Flow Properties Analysis

  • Packaging Consistency

  • Plant Design and Startups

  • Plant Operation Costs

  • Quality Control

  • Retrofitting Bins and Hoppers

  • Roll and Tablet Pressing

  • Solids / Gas Processing

  • Solids / Liquid Processing

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Expert Engineering and Innovative Designs

Diamondback Technology's designs for bins, hoppers, blenders, feeders, and auxiliary equipment are underpinned by robust engineering principles and validated through extensive field experience. We proudly introduce Dr. Jerry R. Johanson's unique problem-solving designs, collectively recognized as Diamondback TechnologyTM, exclusively available through our company.

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Commitment to Excellence

At Diamondback Technology, we hold ourselves to the highest standards of excellence. We endeavor to maintain our position as industry pioneers, ensuring that our clients receive nothing less than the best in bulk solids handling solutions.

For further questions or to explore how Diamondback Technology, Inc. can assist your company, please do not hesitate to contact us.