Plant Visits / Seminars

Plant visits and seminars

Solving problems on site

Aplant visit is the quickest and most accurate way to identify and gather information necessary to solve bulk material handling problems.

While on site, an engineer will talk with plant personnel about the plant’s operations, procedures and experience, will observe and take pictures of the various processes in operation and will identify any operational and equipment changes that may alleviate an existing bottleneck while a longer term solution is prepared.

Following the visit, we will prepare a report containing our findings, photographs of the problem areas and recommendations for improving the process to prevent hangups, while improving production rates where possible.

Educating a plant’s team

Our on-site seminars are the best way to train a company’s plant managers and operations personnel, because they are tailored to a plant’s actual processing system and materials. These customized seminars address real-life rather than hypothetical situations.

A company can pick from a variety of topics, including fine powder handling, blender selection, bin and feeder selection, segregation, agglomeration, flooding and flushing, or can specify topics unique to its operations.

Because we pretest a company’s bulk materials prior to the seminar, we can use the test data to illustrate the principles we teach. A seminar can also include a brief plant tour, so the discussion can focus on specific equipment or processing problems.

These one- or two-day seminars are designed so that even participants with little or no bulk solids flow education can walk away with enough knowledge to make informed material handling decisions.