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A brief profile of Diamondback Technology, Inc. with a list of available services.

Testing Services

An overview of what information is derived from material flow properties testing.

  • Available Tests

    A description of some material properties tests provided by Diamondback Technology, Inc.

  • Johnanson Indices

    A definition of the eight Johanson Indices and llustration of how the indices are applied.

  • Materials we've tested

    A lengthy but partial list of materials tested by Diamondback Technology, Inc.

Standard Diamondback Hoppers

A description of the Diamondback Hopper's capabilities and applications, including a list of standard, pre-engineered hopper sizes.

Coal industry Diamondback Hopper

A description of a Diamondback Hopper designed specifically for the coal industry, including a case history.

Milling industry Diamondback Hopper

A description of a Diamondback Hoppers designed specifically for bran, wheat flour, midds and other agricultural products, including a case history.

Oscillating plate hopper

A description of a patented oscillating plate concept adaptable to many hopper shapes that is designed to discharge difficult, unusual or sticky materials.


A description of the Diamondback Tumble Blender with standard sizes and the Diamondback In-Bin Blender.

Air permeation units

A description of the Diamondback Air Permeation Unit, applications and features and a description of why air permeation is sometimes required.

Densifying screw feeder

A description of the Arch-breaking Diamondback Screw Feeder that densifies powders to eliminate flooding and flushing, including features and typical applications.

Densifying screw feeder

A list of authorized, trained and licensed fabricators for Diamondback Technology equipment, including contact information.

Custom designs

An overview with illustrations of potential customized applications for Diamondback Technology designs.


A form to request inclusion on Diamondback Technology's quarterly e-newsletter or to request back issues.

Articles and papers

A form to request a pdf copy of published and unpublished articles and papers, including a list of the most frequently requested titles.

Plant visits and seminars

An overview of on-site services to trouble-short processes and educate plant personnel about handling bulk materials.

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