Custom process feed bins

We can design raw material bins, product storage bins, process feed bins and chutes, transitions, air permeation systems and other accessories that will provide trouble-free processing performance.

Improve feeder consistency with a hangup-free Arch-breaking
Diamondback Hopper

Create a box or Gaylord dump hopper with a Diamondback Hopper.

Retrofit an existing cyclone to eliminate arches or reduce valve sizes for new installations.

Dump a drum into a Diamondback Hopper to maintain flow control without hangups.

Add a Diamondback Hopper to a tableting press feed bin for more consistent tablet weights.

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Process Feed Bins

When a standard Diamondback Hopper system won't meet the headroom, function or process needs of a plant, our engineers can provide a conceptual retrofit design or an entirely new system unique to your plant's process requirements.

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