From A to Z: Materials we've tested

We have tested thousands of materials and material mixtures or ingredient combinations, everything from ores and minerals to chemicals and petrochemicals, from foods and grains to pharmaceuticals and hazardous materials. We've tested it all, including the following:

Adipic acid Limestone
5-sodiusulfo isophthalic acid Limestone powder
Acetylene black Limestone sand
Acrawax Limestone sorbent
Acrylic regrind Limestone with oil
Albaglos Limestone, high calcium
Almonds Lithium carbonate
Alumina Lithium cobalt dioxide
Alumina, calcined Low ethylene
Aluminum Magnesium aluminum oxide
Aluminum oxide Magnesium hydroxide
Aluminum powder Magnetite
Aluminum, hydrated Manganese dioxide
Ammonium Manganese tetraoxide
Ammonium octamolybdate Marshmallows
Ammonium sulfate Matricast
Amorphous calcium silicate MDF waste
Analgesics Meat pieces
Anchovies Melamine
Animal feed Melamine crystals
Antibiotics Metal powder
Anti-depressants Methylcellulose
Anti-foam powder Methylsulfonymethane
Anti-hypertensives Mica
Anti-inflammatories Microthene
APET Midds
Aspartame Mill feed
Asphaltene Minusil
Baby formula Molybdenum trioxide
Bahama sand Molybdic acid
Bamboo chips Molyoxide
Barley Molysulfide
Barley, rolled Monoammonium phosphate
Bauxite ore Mono-ammonium phosphate
Bentonite Monomer
Bioash MSM
Birch chips Mustard flour
Bisphenol Naugard
Bisphenol flake Niacinamide
Bisphenol powder Nickel
Bisphenol prill Nickel copper calcined concentrate
Bitmac Niol
Black iron oxide NOBS
Black phenol Novadelox
Blueberries Oatmeal
Boric acid Oats
Boron nitrate Oil sand
Borosilicate glass Organo-metallic salts
Bottom ash Ore fines
Bran Ore, calcined
Bromated polystyrene Oxalic acid
Bromide compounds Paint
CAB-O-SIL Paint pigments
Caffeine Paper pulp
Cake mix Para-dichlorobenzene
Calcium carbonate Paxon polymer
Calcium carbonate, precipitated PCR
Calcium phosphate Peanuts
Calcium silicate Pectin
Calcium stearate Pentahydrate
Candy powder Pentylamine hydrobromide
Captan Pet coke
Carbon Pet coke fines
Carbon black Pet coke flour
Carbon, activated Pet coke, pulverized
Carbowax PHA
Carboxylic acid Pharmaceutical blends
Cariflex elastomer Pharmaceuticals, proprietary
Casein Phenyl-alpha-napthylamine
Cedar chips Phosphate
Celcon flake Phosphate rock
Cellulose Phosphorous pentasulfide
Cement Phosphorus pentoxide
Ceramic pigments PIA
Cereal mixes Pine chips
Cereal preforms Pitch
Char hog Plaster
Chemstone Plastic resin
Chocolate Poly vinyl chloride
Chrome ore Polycarbonate powder
Citric acid anhydrous Polydextrose
Clay Polyester
Clay shale mix Polyester fiber
Cleanser powder Polyethylene
Clinker dust Polyethylene glycol
Coal Polyhydoxyalkanoate
Coal fines Polymer, super absorbent
Coal stoker Polymers
Coal, crushed Polyolefin
Coal, pulverized Polyphenylsulfone
Cobalt catalyst Polypropylene
Cobalt powder Polypropylene copolymer
Cocoa Polystyrene
Coffee Polystyrene, high impact
Coffee creamer Potash
Coke Potassium chloride
Cookie mix Potato plakes
Copper concentrate Powder coating
Copper concentrate dust Protein caseinate
Copper concentrate filter cake Protein whey concentrate
Copper flake Purified isophthalic acid
Copper matte PVC
Copper ore PVC resin
Copper powder Quartzite
Copper slag Quick lime
Corn fiber RADEL
Corn flakes Raisins
Corn flour Raw mix, raw meal
Corn gluten Red iron oxide
Corn grits Rexene
Corn starch Rice
Corn, rolled Rice bran
Corterra polymer Rice flour
Cotton flock Rice hulls
Cottonwood chips Rice, instant
Croutons River sediment
Cupric sulfate pentahydrate Roofing granules
Cuprous chloride Salad mix
DCB Salt
Dendritic salt Salt flake
Detergent Salt guar
Dextrose Salt, celery
Dicarboxylic acid Salt, garlic
Dichloro benzidene chloride Salt, onion
Dimethylsulfate Salt, seasoned
Dimethyltryptamin Sand
Di-Penta Santocure
Di-pentaerythritol SAP
Dis per-sul pastille Sawdust, wet and dry
DMT Sedatives
Dog food Shale
Doh-tone Silica
Dolomite Silica beer gel
Drink mixes Silica dioxide
Dri-Vibe Silica fines
Dry milk Silica flux
EAF dust Silica gel
EDTA Silica grind
Eethylenebisstearamide Silica, fumed
Egg protein Sludge
Egg yolk Soap flakes
Elastomer Soap noodles
Electrolyte manganese dioxide Soap powder
Epon resin Soda ash
Epoxy resin Soda, caustic
Erythoric acid Sodium bicarbonate
ESA Sodium carbonate
ESP Sodium cyanide
Ethylendiaminetetraacetic acid Sodium ferrite
Ethylene vinyl acetate Sodium metabisulfate
Eucalyptus chips Sodium phosphate
Eutectic salt Sodium sequicarbonate
EVA Sodium sulfate
Exopolysaccharide Sodium tripolyphosphate
Explosives Solka Floc
Ferro nickel ore Sorbitol
Fertilizer Soup mix
Film fines Soy baby formula
Fir chips Soy bean meal
Flavorings Soy beans
Flocculant Soy flour
Flour Soy protein isolate
Flour, hard wheat Spinel
Flour, rice Sponge nickel catalyst
Flour, soft wheat Stainless steel powder
Fluidized gas gypsum Starch
Fluorspar (flourite) Stearic acid
Fly ash Stucco
Fly ash, pugged Sucrose
Food additives Sugar, apple cinnamon
Foundry sand dust Sugar, brown
Fungal amylase Sugar, granulated
Fungicide Sugar, maple
Gas gypsum Sugar, powdered
Glass batch with cullet Sulfone monomer
Glass batch without cullet Sulfur
Glass batch, leaded Supro
Glass filiment Sylodent
Glass mix, salt loaded zeolite  Synthetic gypsum
Glucitol sugar alcohol Synthetic magnetite
Glucose Tailings
Glyphosate Talc
Gold ore Teflon
Granite Terephthalic acid
Graphite Tetrabrom
Gravy mix TFPP
Grit-O'Cobs Tire shreds
Grits Titanium dioxide
Grits mixes Titanium oxide
Grout Titanium oxide slag
GUAR Titanium slag
Gun powder Tobacco
GUR polymer Toilet bowl cleaner
Gypsum Toner
Gypsum, synthetic Trona
HBDC Tetrakis pentaflurophenyl porphyrin
HDPE powder Tuffcoat
Hearthcast Tungsten carbide powder
Hexabromocyclododecane Urea
High density polyethylene Vanilla beans
HIPS Vector elastomer
Hogged fuel Vermiculate
Hormones Vitamin components
Hot chocolate mix Wheat bran
Hydrous gel Wire, chopped
Ibuprofen Wood bark
Impact polypropylene Wood chips
Irganox Wood fiber
Iron chelate Wood flour
Iron ore Wood pulp fiber
Iron oxide Wood pulp, acidic and non acidic
Iron oxide, synthetic Wood waste
Isodecanol Xanthan powder
Kaolin Yeast
Kivcet Yellow 5
Kraton elastomer Zein
Lactose Zeolite
Lamplaster Zeolite powder
Langbenite Zinc concentrate
L-aspartic acid Zinc oxide
Lexan powder Zinc powder
Lignite Zircon flour
Lignite fines Zircon mineral sand
Lime Zirconium sand
Lime, hydrated Zirconium silicate

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Materials we've tested

No two bulk solids are exactly alike. You can predict and eliminate process problems by testing a material's flow properties at current or projected plant conditions, designing equipment based on those properties and specifying modifications that will optimize plant performance.

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