Densifying screw feeder

The Diamondback Technology densifying screw feeder easily retrofits existing bins to eliminate flooding, flushing and erratic flow while providing excellent anti-arching capabilities. The screw seals against flushing and densifies powders, removing unwanted air for sack or bag filling. It also provides a controlled uniform density for weigh hopper applications. The screw comes with a variable speed that accommodates both fast and dribble feed conditions. It also handles extremely cohesive bulk materials at consistent output densities.

Typical applications
  • Eliminating flushing and erratic flow from existing bins
  • Controlling multiple feed rates to weigh hoppers
  • Sealing against pressures and vacuum
  • Prefeeding rotary valves to eliminate leakage effects
  • Densifying powders before packaging or bag filling
  • Handling cohesive bulk materials at consistent output densities without hangups
  • Anti-arching capabilities equivalent to a conical hopper outlet more than three times the screw's diameter
  • Wear-resistant steel coating on key flight areas
  • Removable screw and assembly for easy repairs and maintenance
  • Adjustable flow pattern control for field adjustments
  • Extra mating flanges for easy retrofitting
  • Cantilevered screw to reduce bearing and seal problems
  • Available in 6-, 12- and 18-inch diameters
Diamondback Screw Features
A Anti-arching Diamondback Hopper with extra top mating flange to retrofit existing bins
B Flow pattern adjusters
C Screw assembly unit for easy removal
D Optional longer length screw
E Diamondback air removal hopper for product densification
F Pneumatic end plate actuator
G Pressure plate
H Vent for air bypass rotary feeder
I Diamondback discharge chute

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Densifying Screw Feeder

Fine powders can discharge efficiently using a densifying screw feeder. By limiting aeration upstream, venting entrained air and compacting material, while isolating the process from downstream air penetration, a consistently densified product is achievable without additional settling time or erratic flow often associated with fine powders.

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